Common Marriage Problems

Common Marriage Problems

The jury is still out as to what are the most common marriage problems, but these are strong contenders for the top ten list:

  • Communication problems
  • Boredom or monotony
  • Sex, money, children and day-to-day problems
  • Lacking commitment (or maturity)
  • Giving up on the marriage
  • Incapacity to handle conflict well
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Needs not being met at home
  • Unrealistic expectations
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How to Avoid Divorce

It may not be easy, but finding out how to avoid divorce is possible. Although many couples divorce, there are as many, quite possibly more, who stay together and manage to make their marriage work despite many problems.

Great progress can be made and divorce can be successfully avoided if both spouses make the firm decision to work out their problems and stay married no matter what. This commitment wins practically half the battle. An all-too-common reason why marriages fail is that the couple gives up on each other and their relationship, without exhausting all means to stay together.
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Lack of Intimacy

There are several reasons so many marriages and relationships fail to work. Sometimes it is the lack of communication that separates two people, other times though, relationships break down or fail to work because of the lack of intimacy.

Contrary to popular belief, intimacy is not entirely of sexual nature and is expressed in various ways. There is emotional intimacy, where two people in a relationship are sensitive and mindful of each others feelings. There is cognitive intimacy where people have an intellectual understanding, allowing for deep conversations about thoughts, interests and plans.
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Healing from Infidelity

The pain might be unbearable but one must remember that there is healing from infidelity. This is a very serious strain in any relationship but still, a partnership affected by this can still be saved. Someone who happens to be a victim of this kind of problem can still be able to find a reason to stay and make things work.
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How to Save your Marriage

Even the most problem-riddled marriage need not end in divorce, there are many ways to help you if your are looking into how to save your marriage, and they can work if properly given the chance. True, a couple must work hard when looking into how to save your marriage, and they must be totally committed to making the marriage work, but it can be done.

A lot of things can threaten a marriage. Both internal and external factors can put pressure on the relationship. Boredom, monotony, ‘the seven-year itch’, loss of intimacy, and communication problems are internal problems, while an affair, the in-laws, and pressure from work are some external sources of marital tension. Often, the problem is a combination of different things, or an accumulation of many problems that led into one another.
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Communication Problems in Marriage

Communication problems in marriage are one of the greatest hurdles that couples must surmount to keep the marriage intact. These problems include miscommunication, lack of or insufficient communication, or the total absence of communication. Of these three types, the last is the most serious. Often, when couples altogether stop talking to each other, they are but a small step away from the dissolution of the marriage. They have practically given up on each other and on their relationship.
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